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Manitoulin Island Fishing For Northern Pike

Tips For Northern Pike Fishing

A northern Pike fishing trip to Dawson Resort can be a dream come true.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Manitoulin fishing early spring provides the best opportunity to catch your limit of Northern Pike. Throughout the summer and well into late fall tackle the northern pike that patrol the Kagawong waters, with an appetite that increases as the water starts to cool down. Fish in weed beds and shallow areas. Use floating crank baits and spinners that ride just above the weed beds. Pike often times hide out in these areas and will attack your lure with a vengeance. If you find you're getting hooked up in the weeds more often than not use a weedless lure or a floating jointed Rapala. The lures and baits you use are less important than recognizing where the big Northern Pike are located. Smaller pike are generally hiding near the weeds or in the back of bays where it's shallow. The bigger pike in the twenty-six to thirty-six inch range will be near the points leading into bays or around structure. Most Northern Pike are ambush predators so they use the rocky points leading into bays because that's were you will find small Walleyes, bass and minnows. Lake Kagawong is the second largest lake on Manitoulin Island in Ontario. Located in the central part of the island, the lake is drained by the Kagawong River, which falls over Bridal Veil Falls into Lake Huron.

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My first Northern Pike

Pike are a great fish to catch, they come in all sizes and are relatively easy to target if you know what you are doing. They can put up an awesome fight. Their fillets are bony; however, if you know the correct pike fillet techniques you can produce a boneless filet that tastes great. The best part about fishing for pike is that many lakes in Manitoulin Island Ontario are loaded with them. You really don’t need expensive equipment or rigs to land a few nice northern pike either. This makes them one of the most sought after freshwater game fish for both experience and new anglers. Pike tend to patrol many of the lakes and rivers on Manitoulin. They bite hard all year round regardless of season and time of day. Early May tends to be a good time to land some big pike, however; these fish can still be found all year. Pike will attack anything in sight, making them easy targets. They will often hang out in waters of 2 to 15 feet, and will usually hide out in weed beds. Pike are very fast moving fish, meaning that you can troll in a boat at a fairly quick speed and still land them. The shoals of Kerr's Point and Ednie's Point, and the shallow bays Mud Bay and Prior's Bay are very good areas for northern pike.


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