Manitoulin Island on the shores of Kagawong Lake Ontario.

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Manitoulin Island Hunting


Archery: Open the first weekend in October until the Friday before the rifle hunt. Extended hunt takes place in December if applicable (as per MNR).

Rifle: Monday to Sunday held annually the third week in November.

Black: Powder: First week in December for just about a week.

If you are looking for a great hunting opportunity on private and crown land then look no further than Dawson Resort on Manitoulin Island Ontario. The Dawson family has excellent access to amazing private properties and he will put you in front of the animals you are looking for. Be ready to do a little hiking and you will be rewarded. The Dawson family provides an all round excellent hunting experience.

The hunters have access to property in different locations within a 15 kilometer range from the resort. We do not offer guide service. Maps are provided and one of the Dawson men take them on an initial tour to show them where the property boundaries are. We can provide accommodate for bear hunters but not hunting land. Bear hunters expect the property to be baited and we are don't have time or resources to bait bears. Bears aren't a good mix with cows and calves.

The majestic white tailed deer is one of the most coveted game animals in north America. Manitoulin Island in northeastern Ontario is no exception. There is little wonder why Manitoulin Island Ontario hunters go wacky for them each fall!

Ontario Hunter Education Program

The objective of the hunter orange regulation is to maximize hunter safety without negatively impacting hunting success. Under this regulation, all licensed hunters, including archery hunters hunting during the gun season for deer and moose, are required to wear hunter orange. As well, all black bear hunters hunting during the black bear season are required to wear hunter orange except when in a tree stand. (This exception is in place because, unlike deer and moose, black bears have color vision.) Waterfowl hunters, wild turkey hunters and archery hunters in archery-only areas are exempt from the hunter orange requirement. A hunter orange garment and head cover must be worn. The hunter orange garment must cover a minimum of 400 square inches (2,580 square cm) above the waist and be visible from all sides. Open mesh or camouflage hunter orange must not be part of the 400 square inches. A hunting coat or vest generally meets this requirement. The hunter orange head cover may have: open mesh; a peak or brim color other than hunter orange; a crest or logo which does not completely cover the hunter orange on the side where it is affixed. The head cover may not contain camouflage material.

The 192 page Hunter Education Manual is your first step in learning all about hunter education and safety. Click here to order.

Manitoulin Deer Show 5th Annual Manitoulin Deer Show August 26, 2018 at Assiginack Arena in Manitowaning 10 am -3 pm Admission: $10 adults $5 kids 6+ Free 5 and under ? Amanda Lynn Mayhew, TV Host of 'Just Hunt' is our guest speaker for the Deer Show! As well as Bob and Jaime Radojcin from TV show 'Homemade Hunters'. Be sure to check out the 'Contests' page and see the amazing camo prize for the Cook Off, thanks Jake's Home Centres! There is also an increase in the number of prizes for bringing in a deer mount this year! We are also encouraging hunters to help us put on a predator display, by bringing in some of their items.

Manitoulin Deer Show 8/28/2017 The Manitoulin Deer show has proven to be a successful annual event. With competitions, cook offs, and many vendors, this small town of Manitowaning has definitely been put on the map! Numbers of visitors are up this year so I’m told, and the prizes, children’s games and speakers made this show a fabulous day. Many connections for our Deer Save educational and awareness. Congratulations Jackie White and the Assiginack Crew for hosting this wonderful event.

Manitoulin Trade Fair 2015 Enjoy these pictures from Manitoulin Trade Fair 2015, Enjoy these pictures from Manitoulin Trade Fair 2013.


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